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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sounds fishy

Well, last friday (29/10/10) was my first time eating at Manhattan Fish Market (Alamanda, Putrajaya). When, I first saw the look of the of the restaurant (even, hearing its name), i immediately think "wow, looks expensive". Yup, its true. Its like what they said in their web site, "We're never cheap... we're affordable."

Luckily I do not have to pay for the lunch :) , since that day is the last day for my colleague(A research assistant also), so, my "supervisor" decided to treat us for lunch as a farewell celebration for her.

Its quite troublesome to find the exact location of the restaurant since all of us are not familiar with the shopping complex. Well if I'm not mistaken its label (from the Alamanda directory, ofcoz) G88-for ground floor no.88, outdoor, near the fountain.

What we ordered was a promotion food (the cheapest,for all four of us :D) called (was it?) Ahoy Mediterranean. Its a dish made of Baked dory marinated in coriander, served with Garlic Herb Rice along with brocolli, carrots, a slice of lemon and corns on the side. The price is RM 13.90, a normal price is RM16.++.

Anyway, the dish was great and healthy. The dory fillet also are large enough to satisfy a fish-lover like me (not all of fish i love, ok?). The coriander, which is a aromatic eurasian herbs (Coriandrum sativum) tasted, something like green curry used in making tom yam, and I loOoovin' it! Despite their "affordable" price, they services were just fair., maybe because there are may customers, but still, i think they have their own services tax, so its not fair (well, I dont really know that anyway, since I'm not the one who pays for the food). It was a perfect dish,maybe one day i can go there again with my family or girlfriend :) ,thats what i thought.

Monday, October 18, 2010

samsung corby games

When I buy this phone earlier on late September, I was i little bit disappointed for the games they provided. The games are trial version where u can only play it for about 30 seconds (sucks, right?), so, i started to search the games from the net n i do learn that there are many people cannot find the proper games for this phone. So, i want to share my findings for this phone.

2-Pyramid Bloxx (with virtual keypad 301.12 KB)

3- Crazy penguin catapult 2 (399.94 KB)

4- Bejeweled (
413.68 KB)

5-Crazy monkey jar (298.94 KB)

6-Bubble popper (
775.17 KB)

7-Splinter cells conviction (677.20 KB)

8-Farcry 2 (534.10 KB)

9- Diamond Twister (400.78 KB)

10- Asphalt 4 (374.95 KB)

11- Hero of Sparta (
649.09 KB)

12-Assassin Creed

13-Castle of Magic

14-Call of Duty MW2