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Monday, September 20, 2010

It's not about life, its about money!

Money. The things that people always think, thought, and dream of. We always heard that people says that money can’t buy happiness, well folks, it’s just partially true. TO LIVE, IS TO HAVE MONEY. that’s the reality. Money can buy happiness, they can buy food, food will feed people, so that they will not die,, with money we can buy happiness itself, although not all of it, but most of happiness can be bought. That's reality. Yet, of course it can’t buy love, but love without money is nothing. That’s a fact, that’s the reality. Then, reality happens. Was it wrong for being realistic?

here's something might be useful to peek. Though I'm not really sure is it true or not, they say that they will give $20 money everyday if we participate, and when they launched, we wight have hundreds or thousands $$.


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