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Thursday, November 25, 2010

3 in 1 wall paper samsung corby

Just click and save as the desired samsung corby wallpaper :)

I do not own then, just collecting them from the net.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My 1st 8 buffered earnings~ Yay~!!

Million of thanks to nuffnang for giving me this :)))))
very rewarding although my blog content was not that fun,,,

Full touch screen games

240 x 320 Full touch screen games,
works for samsung corby genio touch and motorola phones

Monday, November 22, 2010

The best manga

In my opinion, nowadays there are 3 best comics manga exist which is One piece, Naruto and Bleach.

One piece- by Eiichiro Oda.
A great manga. Its about life of pirates. A lot of fantasies like fairy tale stories,, like going to sky island, bubble island and etc. and he makes justice looks bad :)
I personally thinks that he's a genius, he can play well with other people emotion just by reading his comics. I always wait for thursday to read One piece at Mangastream. If it is on hiatus, i will feel quite disappointed. Oda, also play time with us (Bad Oda!). Recently, when the storyline of One piece being skipped for 2years, because all of the crew's of Straw Hat Luffy undergo a training, He, makes us waited eagerly for 4 weeks. He did well from all of the 2 others mangaka. Every episode of his manga was unpredictable, and the content was full with dialogues and jokes.

Naruto-by Kishimoto mashashi
The story was about a boy named Naruto, who was an orphan in a ninja country. On the beginning Naruto was a stupid boy which has no talent as he always get the last rank in his ninja class.He always want to compete with his friend Uchiha sasuke, the 1st ranking in their class, until 1 day the rival becomes enemy as Sasuke has choose the darkside to achieve the awesomeness :p.
It was very fun to read naruto back then, when i was in 16 years old. The drawing was excellent , and so do the story-line. I simply love every Shikamaru's battle before Naruto Shippuden. When Naruta gets older, The Shippuden part, to me, the content was lacking, and so did the drawing. I think that the drawing become more fat-looking,,, and sometimes the jokes mangaka put was not funny at all,,,

Bleach-by Tite Kubo
Earlier, the manga was fun. the story was about a teenager called Kurasaki Ichigo, which had the ability to see ghost and he accidentally got the power of a shinigami. He did makes shinigami looks cool, with black kimono and a samurai sword. The powers they posses also was fun.

It was a good start until the middle, i think it become boring and no sense at all.During the story, they said the people died in the comics, will be sent to soul society, like a heaven there,then the people at there can also died and go.. ugh? WHERE? then, another nonsense was the hollow(the monster in the manga) wants the power of shinigami and likewise, the shinigami should have the power of hollow to become stronger. The mangaka should end the story when the supervillians was defeated, but he continue with the main characters losing his shinigami powers, and thus becoming more ABSURD.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thursday, November 18, 2010

samsung corby genio touch wallpapers

Just click and save as the wallpaper:)
By the way. the wallpapers is not mine. Just from the web.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Between burgers and Stars

On last sunday (14th Nov 2010) I went to the mines after work. Life was getting boring since she's gone to viet, so I decided to have a walk on my on to the mines, on one purpose to eat U, Carl's Jr~!!

Carl's Jr. was a fast food franchise just like McD n Kfc, but in an EXPENSIVE way,, ho3~ but on the bright side, the soft drinks a refillable :)

Guacamole Bacon Burger. Looks tasty, right?

It was my second time to eat at this franchise. A massive burger. That was on my mind when Carl's Jr are heard. I don't really know what to order, but i see Guacamole Bacon Burger for their promo.

Guacamole, a dish majorly made from avocado, tomatoes and etc..

Guacamole it a word of food that i quite familiar with (by playing cooking academy games), that's why i pick that burger. :)

Then, I sat at the corner,and I saw their tissue box. A smiling star (that's adorable) and

their line is "it's gonna get messy"

Slowly I ate the burger. Looks like they said the truth.
I used 4 tissue to wipe off my mouth.
the taste was great.
it was rich with tomatoes, salads,
the beef bacon was tasty. It was really a good, new experience
Fuh~! I'm stuffed :)

owh, by da way, the price was RM23.++ for medium size set.
Lovely. As ever. Next try I'll try their mushroom burger :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

New games for samsung corby

- The UninviteD-

It was just a trick of my mind to play on me.

It was 4 and a half in the morning. I thought I was dreaming. I heard a ‘spreading wings’ sound. Slowly, I opened my eyes and see a brown creature besides me on my beloved bed!! (biasaK LAh! Br mai mai bgn tdo)

I thought it was a bat. A DRACULA? (Dracula nowadays are very popular)

Nope. Negative.

It was more than that.

It was a GHOST!! SH*T! ScaRrY~!!

Hehe~ just kidding.

It was just a brown and small owl (burung HANTU, BoOoo~), trapped in my tiny room.

He was definitely entered my room through my windows opening:

By the way,I was staying at a 5th floor building. That’s why I got this visitor.

Well, he’s kinda scary at first (to me la). Because an owl is a predator right? As a biologist, I know that their claws and beaks are well developed to tear my skins apart (OucH~! Heh, I wouldn’t allow that to happen)

It’s always a thing to ponder to me (as I always think they’re cute). Why Owls are are being called ‘burung hantu’, now I got myself two explanations:

1) Because of the eye are sharp and rarely blinking (I try staring fight with him, but I lost!)

2) Because their head can rotate almost 360 degree (wow, just like a broken-neck ghost)

Since that he was exhausted from each attempt to fly (and hitting the wall) I had to take this cute fellas out . Then, deep inside of me when I saw hes flew away, I was thinking “BAD BiRD! If I caught U again, U’ll die.”

p/s: he gave 3 present of these: