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Thursday, November 4, 2010


to think of it it will be quite funny since I’m a guy.

Nah~ who cares anyway..

There are no boundaries for imagination. Let’s play.

Imagine this:

Just Imagine the hair was 70 feet long

If I had a magical golden hair with the length of 70 feets, my life will never be the same :)

First of all, my smooth and silky 70 feet long golden hair will put girls from all over the world in tremendous jealousy. A beautiful, smooth and silky golden long hair. who wouldn't want to have that kind of hair, right? (for girls only).

Sleeping anywhere wasn’t a problem since I can sleep almost anywhere with a bed and blanket made of golden hair s(luxury is'nt it? n i can sleep soundly during work, MuaHaHaHA~!!).

Then, with that kind of hair I will become famous, people around the world will know me (artist pun kalah, ok?). I will be recorded in Malaysia Books of Record, no, wait, even better, Guiness World record will state me as "a person with a worthiest long hair".

Due to my hair popularity, I will become rich. Not of because of it’s made of gold, and I sell it (what’s the point of selling Ur own hair right?), but it’s because I'll make an exhibiton out of myself to gain profit, and people from all over the world will come to go to my exhibition (Seeing is believing, right?). Ah~! Not to forget, that there will be an additional charge for touching my marvelous golden hair or taking picture with me ;D

Then, after 500 hundreds of years onwards I'll be the new fairytale, kids will know my name. Parents will tell bedtimes stories about me. May be I will be called Leznupar (by reading “Rapunzel” from right to left), a tale like no other. A tale of common guy, with a 70-ft long golden hair.

Apparently, my hair only looks like this:

Ok! thats all, enough merepek-ing already.

play along here:
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