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Sunday, November 7, 2010

10 reasons why you should buy samsung corby~

reason 1:
Because its cheap. Ofcoz :)
Its just about RM5++ (with wifi)

reason 2:
Touch screen. Although, it cant challenge others touch screen phones like Iphone, but 4 its price, the touch screen are still very sensitive.

Trapped in a boring conversation? Try this~
reason 3:
Fake call activation, by holding the volume down button, fake call will be activated. (n You can start pretending ;P

reason 4:
Buid in dictionary. With Collins cobuild Advanced Dictionary of English, U can find meaning of difficult words on the go (though, i dont really use this application)

reason 5:
Cartoon theme. A funky theme for teenager (though, I'm not a teen ;T )

reason 6:
Very customizable. With fashion jacket U can change the colour according to your mood.
Reason 7:
It has many widgets such as facebook,twitter, etc
Reason 8:
It was used in Korean Drama : You're beautiful

Reason 9:
It was further promoted by 2PM, (korean, band?)

(reasons 8 n 9 was quite pointless to me.)
Reason no. 1o:
Because I Like It~!!

(no other reason than this~)


  1. i`m using this phone , pink ! do u knw where to get the fashion jackets ? i can`t find .

  2. For the funky ones, i didnt know, for normal fashion jackets like pink, white, orange, a samsung shop at Mines, Seri Kembangan, Selangor, sells that for RM 25. though i really want the green-colour jackets

  3. owhh . if u manage to find the funky ones , do inform me . =)

  4. corby wifi only rm5++??? i bought mine at rm800 :(

  5. when did U buy? I just bought it last month. Now, with RM700 u can get samsung galaxy s5, like corby, but with better specs,, xceppt only two colour black n white,, but, still, I'd prefer corby more :)

  6. bought somewhere in may or june. i think a week after i buy they reduce the price .

  7. owh. Nowadays technologies are scary. electronic device will be outdated after 6months.

  8. Can Someone Plz Buy my a Corby?

  9. wre can i download tat dictionary.. i accidentaly erased it!!

  10. where can i buy the green jacket? i really like that one

  11. yes please can someone tell me how i can get the dictionary.. pleaseeeeeeeeee!!!