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Friday, November 12, 2010

- The UninviteD-

It was just a trick of my mind to play on me.

It was 4 and a half in the morning. I thought I was dreaming. I heard a ‘spreading wings’ sound. Slowly, I opened my eyes and see a brown creature besides me on my beloved bed!! (biasaK LAh! Br mai mai bgn tdo)

I thought it was a bat. A DRACULA? (Dracula nowadays are very popular)

Nope. Negative.

It was more than that.

It was a GHOST!! SH*T! ScaRrY~!!

Hehe~ just kidding.

It was just a brown and small owl (burung HANTU, BoOoo~), trapped in my tiny room.

He was definitely entered my room through my windows opening:

By the way,I was staying at a 5th floor building. That’s why I got this visitor.

Well, he’s kinda scary at first (to me la). Because an owl is a predator right? As a biologist, I know that their claws and beaks are well developed to tear my skins apart (OucH~! Heh, I wouldn’t allow that to happen)

It’s always a thing to ponder to me (as I always think they’re cute). Why Owls are are being called ‘burung hantu’, now I got myself two explanations:

1) Because of the eye are sharp and rarely blinking (I try staring fight with him, but I lost!)

2) Because their head can rotate almost 360 degree (wow, just like a broken-neck ghost)

Since that he was exhausted from each attempt to fly (and hitting the wall) I had to take this cute fellas out . Then, deep inside of me when I saw hes flew away, I was thinking “BAD BiRD! If I caught U again, U’ll die.”

p/s: he gave 3 present of these:

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